Best Lottery Odds

Mega Millions

Mega Millions is a national lottery game that is played across the US. It offers a chance to win hundreds of millions of dollars as well as numerous smaller prizes. If you win, you can claim your prize through the Mega Millions website. However, you must note that the game is purely based on chance, and you should only play it for fun. Mega Millions’ odds differ depending on which state you play in.

US Powerball

In the US, Powerball has the largest jackpot of any lottery in the world. It topped MegaMillions in January 2016 when the jackpot reached $1 billion US. Since then, the jackpot has rolled over to over two billion dollars, or about $2.2 billion Australian dollars. To win a jackpot, players need to match five regular numbers and one Powerball. The odds of winning a jackpot with Powerball are lower than those of other national lotteries.

Polish Mini Lotto

The odds for winning the Polish Mini Lotto are incredible. Players have a 1 in 850,668 chance of winning the jackpot, which is a fantastic result considering how inexpensive the tickets are. Players should also buy several tickets, which will increase their chances of winning even more.

UK Cash4Life

The UK Cash4Life Lottery is a daily lottery. Each day, at 4am GMT, the draw takes place. The results are emailed to those who bought a ticket. You can also check out the results from previous draws.

Canadian Pick 3

Players can play the Canadian Pick 3 Lottery online or at authorized OLG retail outlets. The lottery draws twice daily, at 2:00 pm and 10:30 pm. Players must purchase tickets before the draw begins to be eligible for the draw. The lottery is governed by the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation.

French Lotto

While the odds of winning a French Lotto prize aren’t very high, they are a lot better than other lotteries. The jackpot, for example, typically runs in the tens of millions of rands. And although the odds of winning are not great, it’s still a lot better than winning the lottery jackpot in South Africa, where the odds of winning are one in nine million.