Hongkong Lottery

A hongkong lottery is a chance to win a prize by selecting six numbers. It is a popular game in Hong Kong. Each ticket costs HK$10. You can buy one or more tickets. If you hit all six numbers, you’ll win the jackpot. You can also win a smaller prize by purchasing a combination of three or four numbers. The odds of winning are 1 in 105,500. The minimum prize is HK$8 million.

The Mark Six lottery draws thrice a week. The results are announced on television, radio and online. The lottery is governed by the Jockey Club and is considered legal. Despite its popularity, there are naysayers who warn that the game can lead to gambling addiction and even financial ruin. The game has also drawn criticism for its high prices and low winnings.

HKJC employees carry out a series of checks on the marks lottery machine and balls used in each draw to ensure their fairness. The machines are checked for accuracy and the balls weighed and examined by X-ray on a regular basis. In addition, the machines are locked in a secure location following each draw.

The first winner was drawn on Friday night, bringing the total jackpot to a record HK$100 million. The winner will receive a cash prize of HK$44,509,550 after taxes. The jackpot broke the previous record of HK$230 million, set back in 1995. The draw also brought in HK$85 million in betting duty and HK$51 million for charity trusts, according to the lottery runner, the Hong Kong Jockey Club.

A Mark Six ticket can only be deemed a valid entry after being processed by HKJC and added to the official record of the relevant draw. If the official record is declared void, your ticket will also be void, but you may still be eligible for a refund.

The HKJC’s official record is available for inspection at its premises and at off-course betting branches. In order to be paid a prize, you must present a valid lottery ticket to HKJC within 60 days of the date of the relevant draw. The HKJC reserves the right to make any enquiries deemed necessary and request you to provide identification and contract address information before confirming your prize. All prizes are subject to the Rules of Lotteries and Betting Facilities as amended by HKJC from time to time. Copies are available at all venues where lottery tickets are sold and at The Hong Kong Jockey Club Headquarters.